So you want some exciting reading? Want to learn something new? DrMONQ has alot to say!

Realizing that evolutionary processes generally occur over time-spans of tens of thousands of years or longer, rather than hundreds of years or shorter, Dr. MONQ recognizes that the air we breathe has changed dramatically in just the last few decades. The urbanization of civilization has not only left us breathing polluted air, but probably more importantly it has left us breathing air lacking in a wide variety of essential components.

Those essential components are, in general, called Secondary Metabolites, and more specifically we must address a class of organic compounds called Terpenes.

Dr. MONQ enjoys writing about Terpenes and other secondary metabolites, and how exposing ourselves to air similar to that which our ancestors breathed can lower stress, increase concentration and provide a wide variety of other health and wellness benefits.

This blog will cover many of his writings on healing topics such as Forest Therapy (also known as Forest Bathing), the Evolutionary Basis of Aromatherapy, discussions of the Neurophysiology of Sensory Experiences and the Philosophy of Consciousness, which will all be occasionally addressed.

Enjoy and learn along with Dr. MONQ as he continues to teach new ways to expand our minds and live healthier lives! Check back often for each new lesson and some exciting stories too! Learn about how Breathe Nature™ and Therapeutic Air® products can help change your life!




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