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Eric Fishman, M.D., is changing the way we think about natural wellness. 

As an innovator in the aromatherapy industry, holistic physician, and the CEO and founder of a successful e-commerce company, Dr. Fishman can offer his insights and share experiences with diverse audiences.

Schedule an interview with Dr. Fishman to discuss his entrepreneurial ventures and success—including his e-commerce, aromatherapy company MONQ, what he’s learned along the way, and how to create your own success. 

Engage Dr. MONQ, a leader in the natural wellness industry, to speak at your next conference. His areas of expertise include aromatherapy—with topics ranging from the evolutionary basis of aromatherapy to developing innovative applications and delivery models and how to avoid sensory adaptation—terpene deficiency and replacement, integrating eastern and western medicine into a holistic lifestyle, and the future of the natural wellness industry. 

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