Introducing Eric Fishman, MD as Dr. MONQ

Professional Experience

MONQ, LLC 2014-present
Founder & CEO

MONQ, as a company, stands for Worldwide Wellness and Wisdom, and has as its goal, to improve the world, one breath at a time.  Dr. Fishman has realized the amazing health benefits of breathing as our ancestors breathed. Thus was born the MONQ personal aromatherapy device. It is now the world’s leading organic essential oil diffuser. Expansion into related health and wellness avenues is underway.

EHR Scope (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) 2004-present
Electronic health record consulting company that managed, which reviewed the technology requirements of over 18,000 medical practices., a video interview website in which Eric Fishman, MD interviewed hundreds of electronic health record company executives at trade shows such as HIMSS and MGMA.

Kula Yoga Shala (Jupiter, FL) 2013
Graduated as a Certified Yoga Instructor
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Gold Coast Orthopedics 1990-2005
12 physician multi-county medical practice in southern Florida.

Eric’s Exotics (West Palm Beach, FL) 1991-2000
50,000 square foot orchid nursery, which maintained an inventory of tens of thousands of orchids.

Pipe Dream Express 1975-1978
An onyx importing company that brought thousands of onyx curios from Tecali, Mexico to New York and sold them to various retailers.

Cactus Jack 1971-1972
A cactus sales company which brought cacti and other succulents from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to be sold in the northeast.

Club Vaughn (Caribou, ME) 1984-1986
A Nautilus circuit health club, juice bar and tanning salon.

Aroostook Orthopedics (Caribou, ME) 1983-1986

Travel Games 1985-1988
Developer of Travel America, a ‘trivia travel’ board game, sold in the Smithsonian Institute Museum gift shop, the Dallas Public library, Burdines chain store, and other locations.

Physical Therapy Associates (West Palm Beach, FL) 1989-1995
Sold to NovaCare Physical Therapy.

The Eloquent Physician & The Eloquent Orthopedist (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) 1998-2004
Founder / Developer
Electronic medical record software product sold to 200 medical practices.

21st Century Eloquence 1994-2010
At one time the country’s largest value added reseller of speech recognition software.
Managed from and

Medical Licensure

Florida 1983-present


University of Arizona, Tucson
Orthopedic Surgery Residency 1979 -1983

University of Arizona, Tucson
Rotating Surgical Internship 1978 -1979

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY 1975 -1978
Graduated with an MD

State University of New York, Stony Brook 1971 -1975
Graduated with a B.S. Biology


Conversational languages
English, French, Spanish, and Japanese

Neuroscience, classics, philosophy, and computer science

Bicycling, running, swimming, and hiking

Professional Memberships
Florida Medical Society
Phi Beta Kappa



Purchased Zen Monq to help with my anxiety. It tastes and smells amazing and works for a quick calming fix.

- Jennifer D.

Absolutely Great!

I Can’t Wait To Get More!

- Hunter P.

I love it

Zen MONQ Is My Favorite!

- Ketevani T.

Stress Alleviator

I often have panic attacks and they really help me take deeper breaths and breathe slower. It calms me down and the packaging is super cute too.

- Katherine S

Love it

Love this product! Really calmed me down when I was feeling anxious. I suffer from mild anxiety, and this helped a lot.

- Shelly S

Spirit Lifting

School has started and I’ve been feeling really stressed lately and monq has made me feel so much better spiritually.

- Michelle

My Favorite!

Healthy is my favorite MONQ. The scent makes me feel so calm and pure. I use it in the morning too give a great start to my day.

- Elizabeth

A breath of relaxation

I have a pretty stressful job which demands a great deal of emotional strain. This helps me decompress after one session to get ready for the next.

- Joanna R.


The combo of these essential oils is perfect. Definitely ordering again.

- Kassidy B

Best thing ever!!!!

I was weary to try monq at first but one day I decided to try something new. Now I can’t believe I waited as long as I did! I use my monq every day and it helps me feel amazing!

- Jeanette N.

Changed My Life!

Everywhere I go I tell everyone I know about MONQ® and how much [it] changed my life. The blends do what they say they do.

- Jessica

The Edge Was Gone

Three breaths and seven minutes later and I felt like I could think again.

- Miko

Absolute Miracle

I am not kidding when I say it changed my outlook on life this morning. It put me in a great head space to relax before I indulge in Sleepy and go to bed. They all work quickly which surprised me. I had an amazing day and I credit it to MONQ.

- Anonymous

Relaxes My Mind

Zen is still my favorite because I deal with anxiety it seams to relax my mind.

- Brittany

Helped with Depression and Anxiety

They have helped me with my depression and anxiety. Ive been waiting for a product like this for years and I’m so happy that it exists. I plan on staying a customer.

- Kaitlyn