Inspired to be Dr. MONQ

Eric Fishman, M.D., was inspired to be Dr. MONQ.

His experiences in the surgical theater gave him a true appreciation for the science of medicine, and his exploration of eastern medicine, meditation, and yoga taught him the art of healing.

“Five years of a surgical residency hardens one to the realities of illness and cements the idea that surgical steel is the way to treat what ails us. Life intervened and reminded me that’s not all there is to wellness.

“In contrast, yoga teaches us to look inward and become more in tune with our own sensibilities and physiology.

“Merging the two led to MONQ as I realized that what fascinated me so much, and what our ancestors knew so well, is that the natural world has tremendous healing powers.

“Now, I wake up each day hoping to alleviate Terpene Deficiency Syndrome, a condition that I believe to be plaguing our wellness, particularly in our cities and urban areas. Being able to understand and extrapolate the importance of secondary metabolites, such as terpenes, to our health—understanding how they not only improve our health and wellbeing but also are fundamental to it—and being able to provide humanity with a terpene replacement solution, excites and motivates me each day. At MONQ, we create scientifically-derived essential oil blends designed to help you feel the way you want®, and we pair those with novel delivery systems—our personal diffusers—that are portable and convenient.

“So, every day, I have the privilege of leading a groundbreaking company that is continually pushing the boundaries of what it means to bring wellness to many. That’s a good place to be.”

In addition to his roles as the founder and CEO of MONQ, a yogi, and speaker, Dr. MONQ spends his days pondering terpene deficiency and replacement, novel terpene and aromatherapy delivery systems, therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, and holistic wellness.

To support his own wellness, Fishman enjoys outdoor activities, such as biking, swimming, and hiking in the Tennessee countryside. He also enjoys exploring neuroscience, philosophy, and computer science, and reading classic literature.

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