Why Did You Start MONQ®?

dr monqFrequently I’m asked why would an orthopedic surgeon such as myself start an aromatherapy company. People go into medicine in order to help others and as an orthopedic surgeon I was able to help tens of thousands of people one at a time. So in a busy day I would help 40 or 50 patients but it was always constrained within the Western medicine box.

I was able to draw straight lines with a scalpel and help people  according to the Western medicine precepts but I didn’t give a thought  for the most part to Eastern medicine and certainly not to aromatherapy. Then, I retired I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and for the  first time ever experienced the amazing benefits of aromatherapy.

Classmates  and teachers would give me lavender and peppermint. I was, to be quite honest, amazed at the benefits. It was then that I developed the goal of helping not one or two people, not tens of thousands of people, but in fact hundreds of thousands or even millions of people around the world by providing them with a convenient & easy method of using essential oils in a personal fashion wherever they are.

That is when MONQ® was born.