Terpene Deficiency Syndrome

Are all city dwelling people worldwide suffering from Terpene Deficiency Syndrome?

We think so, and here’s why:

  1. Studies have shown that when people go to the forest they experience lower blood pressure and lower stress levels.
  2. Other studies have shown that when specific secondary metabolites called terpenes as found in the forest are breathed in a laboratory, that people still experience lower blood pressure and lower stress levels.
  3. Just as the Paleo Diet asks us to eat as did our ancestors, so the “Paleo Respiratory Diet” asks us to breathe as our ancestors did. This includes breathing a large variety of terpenes. To clarify, by ‘breathing’ we are asking that terpenes bathe the olfactory bulb at the bridge of the nose.
  4. Stress is one of the most common symptoms that people complain of this century.
  5. A plausible explanation, in our opinion, is that city dwellers are suffering from what we will call a “Terpene Deficiency,” based upon the fact that we are no longer breathing in terpenes in the same quantities as we had previously breathed them.
  6. Thus, it seems that it is not so much that terpenes lower stress, but rather that a lack of terpenes causes stress! That is why we believe that MONQ® is so effective at lowering stress, since MONQ® is the most convenient and successful terpene delivery system, heating a blended mixture of aromatherapy to the boiling point of many terpenes and delivering them directly to your olfactory bulb.
  7. Thousands of users of Zen MONQ® have noted a dramatic decrease in stress just from a few gentle breaths, a few times a day.