Nashville-Based MONQ® Acquires JIVA Activewear

Nashville, Tenn. (October 6, 2017) – MONQ®, LLC the home of the Original Personal Essential Oil Diffuser is proud to announce the acquisition of the assets of Jupiter, Florida-based JIVA, maker of swimwear, loungewear and activewear for women.

“MONQ® has recently acquired an amazing brand that we have found to be beautifully aligned with the core values that make both of our companies so perfect to integrate. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training together with Nikki (Co Founder of JIVA) in Jupiter, Florida and found that we were both inspired to make the world a better place through our entrepreneurial endeavors. We are excited to offer JIVA Activewear to our MONQ® customers giving them even more choices to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.” says Dr. Eric Fishman.

Founded by Nikki and Remi Aliseo, JIVA was born out of an authentic need for freedom, creativity, and easy living. The women began JIVA four years ago as a homegrown business and has since became a leader in high quality yogawear for women. The company has recently introduced other styles of clothing including swimwear and loungewear.

“We are so excited to have integrated JIVA with such a vibrant company like MONQ. JIVA comes from a place of authenticity and soul that both my sister and I have built from the ground up. MONQ and JIVA both tap into the health and wellness community as well as modern day minds. While JIVA’s approach is feeling good from the outside in, MONQ’s is from the inside out. We are thrilled to be able to work together and share another piece of the puzzle for healthy living” says Remi Aliseo.

Nikki and Remi believe fully in living a life they love and being an endless source of inspiration for others to do the same. They create products that make sense for a life in motion, products that move with you through your day. Whether a playful day beginning with meditation and/or yoga, and ending with a run to the grocery store, with office time in between, JIVA was created to fit all lifestyles.

MONQ® is a Nashville-based company which created the original personal essential oil diffuser. Each MONQ® Diffuser is made with all-natural ingredients and they are distributed worldwide.

Founded by Eric Fishman, MD, aka Dr. MONQ, MONQ® is changing the way the world thinks about aromatherapy…incorporating it into our daily lives, making it a lifestyle, making it personal, and clarifying why it is so effective. Dr. MONQ believes in creating products which people can use to improve their overall wellness and live a better life. By adding the JIVA Activewear line of clothing, MONQ® can once again expand its LifeStyle Brand.

MONQ®, an innovator in the science of how aromatherapy alleviates stress, first defined what is called Terpene Deficiency Syndrome. This lack of breathing air containing secondary metabolites, such as terpenes, is one of the causes of stress in our daily lives.

Dr. MONQ speaks on healing and wellness topics such as Forest Therapy (Forest Bathing), Evolutionary Basis of Aromatherapy, and How to Alleviate Stress in your Daily Life.

For more information on MONQ, please visit or JIVA For more information on Dr. Eric Fishman, please visit

Interviews with Dr. Fishman (aka Dr. MONQ) are Available upon Request.



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