MONQ® Featured in Nashville’s “The Tennessean”

(Nashville, TN) October 4, 2017 – MONQ® was featured in Nashville largest newspaper, The Tennessean. View the full story below or click here:


Dr. Eric Fishman spent the majority of his career mending bodies with surgery. He has since found that some health issues can be addressed with less intensive means – a hike in the forest, or better yet, a forest bath.

Plants offer aromatic remedies. It’s why a walk in the woods can calm a troubled mind, improve concentration and boost energy, he says. Finding time to wade through foliage and listen to rustling leaves does not always come easily, so his company, MONQ®, brings the forest to the individual.

“As people go into cities, they are breathing air that was not recently in contact with various plants,” Fishman said. “In addition to the pollution, we are missing these essential components that were released by plants.”

Based in Goodlettsville, MONQ® sells what Fishman calls personal aromatherapy diffusers meant to ease stress, improve sleep or address other wellness needs. These diffusers are the size of a pen and allow individuals to breath out essential oils. The “zen” diffuser is comprised of frankincense, orange and ylang ylang; the “vibrant” diffuser includes ginger and spearmint.

There are several reasons why people who live in urban areas feel stress — from busy jobs to traffic to financial pressures. The lack of plants and their therapeutic benefits also contribute to the problem, Fishman said.

“There is no life force in (the air),” he said. “All of these hundreds of thousands of ingredients released by plants in the woods are absent in the air you breathe.”

Fishman, a Long Island native, moved to Nashville from the West Palm Beach area. After decades of performing orthopedic surgery, he became interested in aromatherapy, learning about its uses from friends he met through yoga.

“People were bringing aromatherapy to me and I was having phenomenal benefits from it,” he said.

Fishman developed the diffusers and launched MONQ® in 2014. The company has 45 employees, the majority of whom live in the Nashville area. Customers live in several countries and MONQ® has a fulfillment office in England.

Fishman said he has received countless testimonials — from those in the military who turned to a diffuser to improve sleep or those relying on MONQ® therapies to help them minimize traffic stress.

Fishman emphasizes that he is not a chemist and that his products are not drugs. They are simply making aromatherapy more accessible and build off thousands of years of plant study.

“With MONQ® you can do forest therapy anywhere, anytime,” Fishman said. “You can be anywhere you want to be.”