Massage Heights and MONQ Collaborate to Improve Health and Wellbeing Nationwide


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Goodlettsville, TN (September 25, 2018) – MONQ®, the leader in the personal essential oil diffuser industry is proud to announce that after a very successful one-year pilot project with Massage Heights, a family-owned, membership-based therapeutic services franchise company providing massages and facial treatments to hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide, that these companies have collaborated at Massage Heights’ annual member convention at the Red Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sept. 16-19, 2018.

Since its inception, Massage Heights has integrated aromatherapy into all its therapeutic massages because of its numerous health benefits, including combatting physical and mental fatigue, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as relieving sore muscles and joints. Aromatherapy elevates the massage experience and enhances the impact it can have. MONQ Therapeutic Air® diffusers also provide these health and wellness benefits, and, through its partnership with Massage Heights, will allow guests to experience the continuing benefits of aromatherapy on-the-go with its safe and mess-free Therapeutic Air® diffusers.

Paleo Air®, the type of air our ancestors breathed, without pollution and with a wide variety of healthful natural compounds such as terpenes, is provided by each of the thirteen different blends of MONQ diffusers. Zen MONQ, providing relaxation, and our newest blends Relieve MONQ offering relief from various aches and pains, and Pumpkin Spice MONQ to bring about the nostalgia of the season, are among the most beneficial for Massage Heights’ clients.

“Last year was a record year for us, bringing in more than $100 million in revenue and opening 14 new Retreats. As our brand continues to grow, we’re excited to have MONQ join us as a retail partner in our Retreats throughout the U.S. and Canada,” said Tim Hicks, SVP Franchising of Massage Heights. “There is a natural synergy between our companies, and MONQ’s innovative products, marketing and support team have already proven to be beneficial to our franchise system. We’re looking forward to even more success in the future.”

“We are proud to be providing an accessory to the massage and spa experience to Massage Heights’ clients and believe that associating MONQ aromatherapy with the massage experience while at the spa, will allow their clients to extend the benefits and value of the treatment itself”, notes Eric Fishman, MD, Founder, and CEO of MONQ, LLC.

About MONQ
Founded by Eric Fishman, MD, MONQ is changing the way the world thinks about aromatherapy by incorporating it into our daily lives, making it a lifestyle, making it personal, and clarifying why it is so effective. Eric Fishman, also known as Dr. MONQ, believes in creating products that people can use to improve their overall wellness and live a better life. When you use an aromatherapy product, you are, in our opinion, replacing many of the natural compounds that your bodies are used to having, and need from our environment. Using MONQ products can ultimately help to lower stress every day, any time of the year! For more information about MONQ, please visit

About Massage Heights
Massage Heights is a family-owned, membership-based therapeutic services franchise company that provides Members and Guests convenient, professional, affordable resort-quality massage and facial services that help people achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, in an upscale Retreat environment. Regular massage and skin therapy services help people look and feel their best from the inside out by aiding in the reduction of stress, pain management, and increased relaxation, all resulting in the ability to tackle daily life with a higher level of vitality and positivity, truly elevating the everyday.

For more information about MONQ, please visit
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