Breathe Autumn and Feel Fall with MONQ’s® Autumn Therapeutic Air Bottled Essential Oil Blend


Rachel Donovan
Media Relations Manager

Breathe fall flavors with this seasonal blend to remind you of childhood memories associated with Autumn.

Goodlettsville, TN (October 10, 2018) – Fall is finally here, and in celebration, MONQ has bottled the aromatic essence of fall in their Autumn essential oil blend.

With the introduction of the Autumn Therapeutic Air® blend, MONQ now offers four oils meant for home or office diffusers. Each blend is specifically crafted with powerful and pure essential oils to create the desired effect within the user. While the majority of the products sold by MONQ are portable diffusers, the bottles offer an opportunity to share the scents of everyday life with friends or coworkers. MONQ’s CEO, Eric Fishman M.D. said:

“We love that we’ve given people the ability to take aromatherapy anywhere with personal essential oil diffusers, and we’re excited to provide another option for customers to enjoy the beautiful scents of fall in their home or office with Autumn in a bottle.”

This bottled blend was scientifically crafted to create the nostalgic scent using oils such as cinnamon, allspice, blood orange, cardamom, and nutmeg among several other essential oils. The recognizable scents compliment each other deliciously to remind you of fall leaves and peaceful childhood memories.

Nostalgia was an important part of the inspiration of this blend as MONQ has often studied and explored the concept of nostalgia therapy and the benefits it can bring to the mind and body.

“At MONQ we believe in the power of nostalgia therapy through the scent of essential oils to instill a positive emotional impact. The Autumn bottle blend can help take you back to happy fall memories to ground and soothe you with the benefits of aromatherapy,” added Fishman.

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About MONQ
MONQ, which stands for Modifying One’s Natural Qualia, was founded by Eric Fishman, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon with over 30 years of experience. Confronted by the stressful realities of modern life, Dr. Fishman set on a journey of discovery into the worlds of aromatherapy, philosophy, and science and, consequently, reached the resolution he should do something positive for the world.

Through aromatherapy techniques based on a scientific and holistic approach, Dr. Fishman hopes to encourage people to embark on the same journey of self-enrichment and live a happier and healthier life.

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