MONQ Announces Loyalty Program – MONQ Rewards

MONQ is launching a loyalty program for customers on September 1, 2017.

The program, aptly named MONQ REWARDS will award customers seeds (points) for completing over 20 different actions to spread the word about the brand they love.

Having such a loyal fan base is any start-ups dream, we made it a priority to ensure that they know how grateful we are by taking the time to build this program for themAndy Barrow – Chief Integrations Officer.

The program will award customers with points (called seeds) for completing tasks such as purchasing from MONQ, referring friends to purchase MONQ, or sharing digital content. As customers accumulate seeds, they can move up through the various stages of Sprout, Leaf and Bud. After completing online aromatherapy and product training, customers in the Bud stage can become MONQ Ambassadors. Ambassadors will be given exclusive opportunities such as the ability to work MONQ events and sell into their local community health and wellness hangouts! Seeds can be redeemed for store credit. Coming later this fall, MONQ will also offer customers the option to cash in their seeds for branded apparel and even the planting of trees. MONQ REWARDS is intended to showcase the value MONQ places on their customers, followers and friends.

My goal with MONQ has always been to “Improve Your Qualia of Life,” and happily with the great team, and great customers we have, this has been accomplished hundreds of thousands of times, through the thoughtful implementation of aromatherapy using the highest grade organic essential oils. Now, we are happy to provide another level of reward for all of you to enjoy!” Dr.MONQ – Chief Executive Officer

MONQ previously had an Ambassador program with 10,000+ members, but the company’s rapid growth called for a broader program to give their 200,000+ customers a way to be rewarded. Shawna, the community manager, sent out a survey to ambassadors about the program. After collecting and analyzing responses, MONQ REWARDS was created.

I am beyond ecstatic to now have a way to reward our loyal customers for all of their hard work to spread the MONQ love! Shawna McNary – Community Manager

MONQ® is a health and wellness lifestyle brand that sells Therapeutic Air® in the form of the original personal essential oil diffuser, which promotes mood change and life-enhancing effects through the ancient practice of aromatherapy. MONQ’s personal diffusers are available in 10 different blends, all of which include 0 nicotine or tobacco, 0 GMOs, 0 artificial ingredients, and are 100% organic and vegan. Learn More:



Purchased Zen Monq to help with my anxiety. It tastes and smells amazing and works for a quick calming fix.

- Jennifer D.

Absolutely Great!

I Can’t Wait To Get More!

- Hunter P.

I love it

Zen MONQ Is My Favorite!

- Ketevani T.

Stress Alleviator

I often have panic attacks and they really help me take deeper breaths and breathe slower. It calms me down and the packaging is super cute too.

- Katherine S

Love it

Love this product! Really calmed me down when I was feeling anxious. I suffer from mild anxiety, and this helped a lot.

- Shelly S

Spirit Lifting

School has started and I’ve been feeling really stressed lately and monq has made me feel so much better spiritually.

- Michelle

My Favorite!

Healthy is my favorite MONQ. The scent makes me feel so calm and pure. I use it in the morning too give a great start to my day.

- Elizabeth

A breath of relaxation

I have a pretty stressful job which demands a great deal of emotional strain. This helps me decompress after one session to get ready for the next.

- Joanna R.


The combo of these essential oils is perfect. Definitely ordering again.

- Kassidy B

Best thing ever!!!!

I was weary to try monq at first but one day I decided to try something new. Now I can’t believe I waited as long as I did! I use my monq every day and it helps me feel amazing!

- Jeanette N.

Changed My Life!

Everywhere I go I tell everyone I know about MONQ® and how much [it] changed my life. The blends do what they say they do.

- Jessica

The Edge Was Gone

Three breaths and seven minutes later and I felt like I could think again.

- Miko

Absolute Miracle

I am not kidding when I say it changed my outlook on life this morning. It put me in a great head space to relax before I indulge in Sleepy and go to bed. They all work quickly which surprised me. I had an amazing day and I credit it to MONQ.

- Anonymous

Relaxes My Mind

Zen is still my favorite because I deal with anxiety it seams to relax my mind.

- Brittany

Helped with Depression and Anxiety

They have helped me with my depression and anxiety. Ive been waiting for a product like this for years and I’m so happy that it exists. I plan on staying a customer.

- Kaitlyn