Minimize Stress by Breathing with MONQ®

by Dr. MONQ

If you are lucky enough to live in a park-like setting where there are meadows and
trees and grasses and flowers, you don’t experience any stress, good for you!
That’s a wonderful situation. Unfortunately, many of us in-fact live in
cities and have daily stresses such as the commute to and from work, going to
school, financial problems, or relationship problems. There’s any number
of things that can be causing you stress in your daily life.

Minimize Stress by Breathing with MONQ video drmonq

Dr. MONQ – Founder of MONQ® Therapeutic Air

With all of those stresses, it’s important to minimize the physiological stress that your body  experiences. Everybody knows you should eat right. Everybody knows you should
sleep well. However, not everybody knows that you should be breathing properly. In the
city, there’s a tendency to be breathing polluted air and we all understand that
that is not good for health.

However, something that is not as well understood  is what I call terpene deficiency. When you breathe in a city, even if it’s not a particularly polluted city, you are probably not breathing air with a host of secondary metabolites that has all of the terpenes that you find in the woods. So if you compound all of these psychological stresses that occur just from normal everyday living in the city with the physiological stress of not breathing in the air that you need to breathe, it makes things even worse.

Just a couple gentle breaths on MONQ’s Zen blend a couple times a day can help! Here’s how: you breathe it in your mouth, hold it a moment, exhale through your nose, and you’re done! That allows your olfactory bulb to experience the  terpenes that your ancestors olfactory bulbs have experienced for millions of years and it brings you back to a more homeostatic relationship with your environment.



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I have a pretty stressful job which demands a great deal of emotional strain. This helps me decompress after one session to get ready for the next.

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