Founder’s Message: MONQ +cbd Collection Expanding

Last month, we launched our new CBD-infused collection: MONQ +cbd

The collection is all about synergy. It drew on the synergy of my MONQ team during an unprecedented time to create something better and support something bigger than ourselves.

Literally speaking, MONQ + was about enhancing the synergy of our blends, which have always been handcrafted with terpene profiles in mind to create deep and robust therapeutic benefits with each breath. Anyone can add CBD. Only MONQ knows how to optimize it with terpene-rich aromatherapy to create the entourage effect that you can breathe but won’t taste. It’s an elevated experience designed for you to feel the way you want®.

The Collection was well-received and a welcome complement to the journey we are all on—the one stretching us to enjoy summer sunshine and vistas while negotiating a hard and rocky path. Together, we’re being challenged to see the forest through the trees, and perhaps, we could all use a little enhanced perspective, personal to our own experiences.

That’s where MONQ comes in. Our blends are designed to help you feel the way you want, and now with CBD, we hope you’ll go deeper into those experiences and find greater relief. With that in mind, we’re excited to debut two new MONQ + experiences: Relieve+ and Sleepy+ Original diffusers, designed so you can breathe in more support and experience better rest. 

Our goal is to provide you with the support you need. We hope you find it in our classic blends and our MONQ +cbd experiences, which include Original MONQ diffusers, Peace+, Relieve+, Sleepy+, and Zen+, and Roll-On essential oil blends, FOCUS+, Relieve+, and Sleepy+.

Feel better on each step of the journey: create your custom MONQ+ Collection by choosing Any 5 MONQ+ experiences. It’s a way for you to save while supporting your wellness with the blends you crave throughout the day.

Feel better, do better, be betterTM with MONQ +cbd.

Eric Fishman, M.D.
Founder & CEO